48 Hour Film Project - Savannah

48 Hour Film Project - Savannah consists of teams who have 48 hours to complete a 7 minute movie.  Each team is given their own genre and then everyone is given a character, a prop and a line that they must use in their film. 

Kotter was part of Team Odd Lot and they were given "Mistaken Identity" as their genre.  The character given was "Slick or Stella Sneed, a washed up Rock Star", prod was a suitcase and the line was, "Let me tell you a secret."

Here are a few pictures taken during the filming process which started at the Rock 106.1 studios!

CLICK HERE to see the trailer for the film or scroll to the bottom of the page to watch it.

Getting the studio ready for filming.

Director talking over some ideas with the cast.

The actors doing their thing.  Notice that Zoey's headphones and the Rock 106.1 Turkey make cameos in the film.

Filming moves to the Muse Arts Warehouse.

Team Odd Lot getting ready to turn in the finished product!

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