Nights with Buzz

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I’ll start by saying I got the best gig in the Low Country and Coastal Empire.  Here’s when & where this crazy journey begins. I was born March 24th, 1969 in Cincinnati, OH. “69” was a great year, just not for my parents. I grew up on the west side of town & got my 1st gig at a legendary station in my hometown, WEBN. It introduced me to the industry, a bunch of rock stars & a lot of free booze. I was hooked…on the business & the booze. I spent 7 glorious years there, 2 or 3 of which I actually remember.

Soon after, the sunshine & bikinis called & I had to answer by moving 1,200 miles south to Miami, FL. There I worked a little, partied a lot & went scuba diving as much as possible. Between all the nurse sharks & green turtles, I managed to land a gig with 94.9 Zeta, South Florida’s rock station. I love South Florida & might have still been there if the station hadn’t been sold & turned into Spanish talk radio. My Spanish was pretty good back then, but lets not be ridiculous.
However it happened, & I seriously don’t remember, I somehow landed on Hilton Head Island in 2003 & made my way into the Rock 106.1 studios shortly there after. Many years & even more tattoos later, I’m still here. I’m proud to call the low country home & hope to be with Rock 106.1 for many years to come.

The World According to Buzz

Sh*t I Can't Live Without

Scooby...my little man
Dave Matthews Band
A drum kit
Jessica Alba & Mila Kunis

Sh*t I Can Live Without

Cold weather
People who mistreat animals
Clueless drivers

My cooking


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