MUSIC NEWS: Black Sabbath albums finally hit iTunes

Eight of arguably the most influential heavy rock albums ever recorded are now available on iTunes at last. The first eight studio albums from Black Sabbath, featuring the band's original lineup, are now available digitally in specially remastered editions worldwide at the Apple online music store. The remastered versions boast increased audio fidelity and promise to more closely replicate what the artists and producers intended. The eight original albums include 1970's Black Sabbath and the breakthrough classic Paranoid, 1971's Master Of Reality, 1972's Volume Four, 1973's Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath and three more. All eight albums can be purchased in one bundle or as separate titles, with each song individually available as well. Also for sale are two compilations, 1976's We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll and 2006's Greatest Hits 1970 - 1978.

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