MUSIC NEWS: Bullet For My Valentine returning to "Heavier Roots"

Bullet For My Valentine singer Matt Tuck offered an update on the recording of the band's fifth album during a recent interview with German program EMP Rock Invasion. Tuck revealed, "We've done five songs so far, and they're sounding very good . . . It's definitely more aggressive, edgier. It's definitely stepping back into the heavier side of what we've done in the past. And I don't mean that as in, like, a screaming way… just aggressive music, you know." Tuck told us not long ago why getting back to their roots is a good idea: "You know, the best time in any band's career is when it's fresh and everything's starting out, and you just get that amazing feeling of like, you know, we've made something of ourselves and there's an amazing road ahead. You know, sometimes that gets a little bit lost after you've been on the road for a few years, you know."

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