MUSIC NEWS: Recordings from one of Grohl's first bands surfaces

We don't know if it's been timed to coincide with Tuesday (January 14th) being Dave Grohl's 45th birthday -- and here's hoping you have a happy one, Dave -- but rare demo recordings from the second band Grohl ever played in have surfaced on Soundcloud. Long before he was in Nirvana, Foo Fighters or even the Washington D.C. hardcore band Scream, Grohl played in a punk trio called Dain Bramage. The group lasted less than two years, releasing two demos on cassette and a vinyl album called I Scream Not Coming Down, with the latter relatively easy to find online. But now Antiquiet has posted the earlier demo recordings online, uncovering eight songs from the group’s 1986 recording sessions at Grohl's favorite old studio, the Laundry Room. Grohl's first documented band, even before Dain Bramage, was originally called Freak Baby and then Mission Impossible. Listen to them HERE

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