MUSIC NEWS: What's new about the new Foo Fighters' album?

With Foo Fighters' eighth studio album now underway, there's been plenty of speculation about how the disc is being created ever since frontman Dave Grohl hinted that it was happening in a way that "no one's ever done before." According to Loudwire, the latest rumor is that each song is being recorded in a different famous recording studio. The source of the rumor, a Twitter account named FooArchive, has posted an item from Billboard suggesting that Grohl has scouted iconic studios in 12 different cities. At least four studios in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Seattle are tagged as "definite" place where the band will set up shop, with the band members all recently spotted in the Windy City. It's not uncommon for a musical act to record in one or two different locales while making a project, but the concept of recording in 12 different studios is something that may not have ever been attempted before. The new Foo Fighters album is due out later this year, possibly by the summer.

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