I was born in May of 1979 in Detroit Rock City. I am from the MTV generation, not this new garbage on MTV but back when MTV was a place for music video's. I am from the video game generation (Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis era) and those are still my favorite game consoles.  I do not watch TV, I do not tune into the news for the betterment of my sanity.
 I grew up during a lot of great times and from that I learned how to live! Rock N Roll runs through my veins and as Modest Mouse once said "Fads they come and Fads they go but God I love that Rock N Roll"

I grew up in and around Detroit Rock City and ALL of the local venues that supported local music created some of my best memories. My Mom used to tell me "They have sex at those concerts" which made me want to go even more! Nobody was having sex, well maybe but back then it was all about your LOCAL MUSIC SCENE, SUPPORT and the BANDS & FANS involved, a great local support system. That aspect of my early years is exactly what I am trying to add to the already thriving Savannah music scene, a local love for local music, expose the UNDEREXPOSED!  Savannah has so much great local/original talent!

I love my local music scene! So many great local/original bands and the venues who support...take note and always support your local musicians & venues!

I moved right in and made L & L Broadcasting my second home along with these Savannah streets... SUPPORT!

NightShift - Weeknights 7p - midnight
(Call em 800-394-1061)
Host of UNDEREXPOSED, Sunday's at 10pm
Saturday's 3pm - 6pm

If you are looking to get your music on Underexposed use the link below!

THEY HAVE TO BE GOOD QUALITY RECORDINGS (scroll down for great local studio's)

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The Bastard Suns have always set themselves apart by seamlessly blending their primary influences (punk, ska, bluegrass, folk and reggae) into a live show that borders on a religious experience

S.B.M.T (video)




Savannah's WORD OF MOUTH

"Fans can expect to leave a live performance feeling inspired and ready to cultivate their own talents, which is the overall message Word of Mouth is trying to share, be yourself, be inspired and spread the word" -WOM

WOMbies Unite!

Word of Mouth feat KNIFE & KIDSYC "WOM Remix" (video)

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Savannah's CUSSES:

Cusses aren’t easy to define. However, whether their guitar driven, fuzzed out brand of music reminds you of The Runaways meets The Ramones or Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Jet, or even Pat Benatar with some heavy handed riot grrrl sass, it is impossible to come away with any other conclusion than this: Cusses are bringing back real, effortless, speaker-blasting rock & roll. A band that would be...
right at home taking center stage at CBGB. Lead singer Angel Bond was introduced to drummer Brian Lackey through mutual friends, and they have not separated since. The two headed to Savannah, Georgia in 2009, and met up with Brian's long time friend, guitarist and past band mate, Bryan Harder (they opened for post-hardcore legends Fugazi in their last band together!). The three formed Cusses that summer and played their first show in February 2010. And now their debut album, Cusses.

CUSSES "Don't Give In"

CUSSES "Worst Enemy"

CUSSES "Purses"


The marriage of forward-thinking heavy metal arrangements and synth-pop might sound a bit risky, but not only does EVERTHRONE make the unlikely stylistic combination work, they also make it all feel seamless and natural, a testament to the group’s profound talents. In an age of fly-by-night, Internet hype-driven metal acts, EVERTHRONE march to the beat of their own drummer, giving hope to those who care more about songwriting mastery than the flavor of the week.

The Snake and the Lamb (video)



Dope Sandwich is a nonprofit, Savannah GA based record label that celebrates the culture of Hip Hop by pushing the boundaries of it’s musical element in all it’s sub-genres. From classic boom bap all the way to the progressive and experimental, all Dope Sandwich releases are 100% creator owned and are the unique visions of the artists involved

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Knife "Black Sheep"

MIGGS & Freak tha Monsta "Madjectives"



In 2012 they found themselves playing at the 54th annual Grammys in Los Angeles, making them the first unsigned act to ever do so. Almost Kings was named the winner of the CBS contest “Gig of a Lifetime", a contest based on fan voting that... had AK up against nearly 1,000 other acts from around the U.S. The group consists of Bryan “Boze” Bozeman (vocalist), Ryan Yunker (guitar, keys, vocals), Danny Helms (bass & vocals), and Kevin Compton (drums). “We are so honored by all of the support we have received from our fans from around the country. We could not have won this contest without the AK family,” said Bozeman.



"We make loud music that belongs in ventricles and arteries.

We aren't entitled to your love or attention. We'll earn that"

The Apprehended won the 1st Battle of the Savannah Bands in April 2013.  The battle took place at Sweet Melissa's!  The Apprehended beat 6 bands to win a spot on Welcome to Rockville in Jacksonville Florida, April 27th & 28th!


"Barb Wire Dolls are the most explosive and exciting new punk band I've seen in decades!" - Mickey Leigh/brother of the late Joey Ramone and ex-tour manager for the Ramones. Being heralded as "the most important punk invasion to the U.S. since the Sex Pistols" (PMP) and receiving the "Best Live Punk Act" award in 2012 (Indy PRN), Barb Wire Dolls have rapidly become the critics and fans new choice as leaders of today's new punk explosion. "Like a shot heard around the world, Barb Wire Dolls are a true-to-the-genre punk band, connecting with audiences around the world." - Guitar World magazine.

For more info & tracks, click the link below!



BABY BABY (Atlanta)

"There comes a time in every bands life when they must ask their selves “what are we doing?” Yeah we know life gets rough but, it’s the music that makes you want to
forget about that sorry stuff. What are we doing? We are playing music!! Music that makes us dance, makes us sing, makes us want to keep playing songs for you with every entangled organ we own. We’ve heard the sad stuff and that just isn’t going to do. Truly ask yourself, look deep inside you and search for the answer… when was the last time you got your face painted? When was the last time you danced to some fun rock, baby? Tomorrow the light bill is due, but tonight we dance"

Baby Baby "Haters" Official Video

The Gospel of Rhythm Recordings Blog

Orlando, Florida
Since its inception, Traverser has consistently and re...
lentlessly gained the respect of concert goers and fellow musicians in Central Florida, challenging audiences with engaging live performances and creative presentation. Traverser has been featured at WJRR's Earthday Birthday, Florida Music Festival, Hard Rock Live, House Of Blues, and several special events for EA Games Tiburon video game design studio.
In late 2009 Traverser announced the addition of former 7 Blue Skies guitarist Jon Shaffer as a permanent member of the band. Now as a four piece project, expectations are high, and Traverser has every intent to deliver.

Traverser's Website
Traverser "EMD"


Super bob has been hitting the Savannah/Tybee Island music scene since early 2010 at Tybee Island's Rock House, look out for Super bob coming to a venue near you!
Super bob "Freak" (video)
"Going to a SUPER bob show is like getting on a f'ing roller coaster,
they rock your ass off and you can’t wait to get back on."




Dollhouse Productions:
Located at 980 Industry Drive, Savannah GA 31415

We are pleased to announce the opening of Dollhouse Productions in West Savannah. Nestled in a pre-war 5600 sf. warehouse in West Savannah, GA, Dollhouse Productions offers a versatile and inspiring work and performance space that can accommodate a variety of functions including concerts, photo and video shoots, private parties, and art shows/installations. Housing a state-of-the-art recording fa...cility complete with 40'x33' isolated live room (with 3 separate iso areas) plus a spacious control room offering both analog tape-based multitrack and digital recording options, Dollhouse Studios is the ideal location for recording music, soundstage and foley, post production editing, and final stage mastering. Also contained within the facility are the offices of Dollhouse PR, which provides all manner of public relations services for a range of clients from fashion to music to print.

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WABCOindustries - Savannah Georgia

WABCOindustries, LLC is here to help you look your best when it means the most. We specialize in identity / printworks

the parK. Promotions - Savannah / Tybee Island GA
Booking/Promoting/Social Media/Guerrilla Marketing


Motley Crue is my all-time favorite band!  I had a few gnarly burnout cousins who introduced me to the band during the early years of my life and I was hooked.

I used to have to sneak my viewing of this video on MTV when I was a kid, my mother hated the video...and Motley Crue=)

I have been performing live music in different cities for a long time now and I just want to show my appreciation for everyone who has allowed this to continue over the years!

Flowmind, Detroit MI - Simple Wisdom, Detroit MI - electricparK., Detroit MI & Savannah GA
MY BAND electricparK.


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