That Sh!t Is Funny! - Gallery 11

"The Perma-Kini"
A bikini that last all year long, or at least until you fade back to white.

"The Cat's Cradle"
That fancy criss-crossed top made a mess of your back resembling your kid's chinese jumprope

"The Concert Fan"
You got drunk and took your shirt off, then thought it would be awesome to write the band's name in sunblock on your skin. Yeah... not so cool sober now is it?

"The Artist"
Your kids crayons melted so you became their next art project.

"The You'll Feel It Tomorrow"
Thought taking your shirt off while out in the sun all day? You might not feel it now, but you'll feel it in the morning, bro.

"The Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder"
Everyone now knows that you tan outsied in your bra and panties!! Watch out for future spectators.

"The Deep V"
That far too expensive trendy too-tight shirt burned ya, man. 

"The Dick"
Your dick friend drew a dick on your back, even though you told them not to and they swore they didn't. Dicks!

"The Farmer"
An old classic.

"The Fancy Feet"
Thought those crocs or funky sandals would be a great idea? Not so much.

"The Lint Trap"
The only way to explain how this happens

"The Flip Flop"
Attain by wearing your flip flops all summer everywhere you go, results may vary.

"The Smiley"
The easiest and most widely used of the sunblock pranks.

"The Ass-Hat"
You're an ass-hat for having your hat on backwards and getting a stupid looking sunburn.

"The Hi-5"
Clever prank where a budddy slaps you on the chest with his covertly sunblock covered hand.

"The Sucker"
Trust your friend to grease up your back? Never again!

"The Love Hurts"
The couple that plays together, burns together.

"The Mankini"
Now everyone will know that you are a Borat fan.

"The 'Merica"
Showing you're patriotic... by risking skin cancer.

"The Teeny-Bikini"
Something so small it doesn't cover your previous tan lines will lead to a seared butt crack.

"The Permabeater"
Wearing a "wife beater" tanktop all day. Most commonly seen roaming the trailer park or NASCAR event.

"The Racoon"
UV protection in your shades not only protect your eyes, but gives you stupid looking tan lines!

"The Lance Armstrong"
You'll look like you have bike shorts on, bro. Very white bike shorts.

"The Granny Panties"
This is why God invented "low rise". No one likes the look of granny panties, and they leave an even less attractive tan line.

"The Ghost Arm"
You, or someone else, fell asleep with an arm on you. That'll haunt you for weeks.

"The Superman"
Looks just like the real thing, mate. NOT!

"The Picnic"
Results of not wanting to get up to ditch your plate at the family reunion and run into that cheek-pinching aunt.
Or you're concealing a boner with that plate.

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