WTF: TSA list of no-nos

On Friday, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released its Blog Year In Review for 2013. The annual review is a veritable gold mine of the bizarre things people have tried to bring on airplanes in the United States over the past year. Some of this stuff has to be seen to be believed. First off, the TSA found 1,813 firearms in carry-on bags, of those 81 percent were loaded. Other items found in travelers' carry-on bags in 2013 included 562 stun guns, smoke grenades, and flare guns. Oh, and also, one mace. Like a medieval mace. In a checked bag at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida, officers found one of the strangest things of the year: human skull remains. The bone fragments were found in some clay pots in checked baggage, whose owners said they had "no idea" the skull pieces were in there. Lastly, TSA agents found lots of walking canes with concealed swords inside them ... and cell phones with built in stun guns. All I can think is "lipstick taser!!!" More HERE

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