BIRTHDATE: December 30th 1980

  HOMETOWN: Scranton, PA

  PETS: 2 Cats (Monster & Paris)


  HOBBIES: Movies & TV, Reading, Art, Craft Beer, 
                     Body Art, Writing, Cooking, Wine

                 Album 1- Megan Jones Session 5/9/13

Rock 106.1 staff photos courtesy of It's Megan Jones Photography.



Cat greets owner like a dog!! FUNNY!


A 24-year-old British man has developed a Kim Kardashian-phobia. 
A new dating website will cater to Green Bay Packers Fans. 
In this April 15, 2014 photo, Barrett Griner IV plays fetch with his five-year-old German shepherd, IV, in Bridgeton, N.J. Cumberland County summoned IV to jury duty. Her owner said he figured out the mistake as soon as the summons arrived at his Bridgeto
New Jersey's Cumberland county sent a summons for a German Shepherd to serve jury duty.
Child in claw machine sourced by pej from Twitter https://twitter.com/WOWT6News/status/456164218564141056/photo/1
An adventurous toddler who went missing from his home was found in an unusual place, stuck inside a claw machine at a bowling alley. 
The Small Penis Pageant will take place in Brooklyn for the 2nd straight year.
A Polish man swallowed stolen goods in attempt to avoid being arrested but was arrested
Here in the U.S., people apparently wanted a pizza made with fried chicken instead of dough. 
A British ice cream maker has created a flavor that includes 25 mg of Viagra per scoop.
A Colorado company has introduced the first-ever marijuana vending machine, which will soon be used as a Dispensary in Eagle-Vale. 
Supermodel Kate Upton may have graced the cover of Sports Illustrated twice but she's still got some insecurities when it comes to her body. 
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