BIRTHDATE: December 30th 1980

  HOMETOWN: Scranton, PA

  PETS: 2 Cats (Monster & Paris)


  HOBBIES: Movies & TV, Reading, Art, Craft Beer, 
                     Body Art, Writing, Cooking, Wine

                 Album 1- Megan Jones Session 5/9/13

Rock 106.1 staff photos courtesy of It's Megan Jones Photography.



Cat greets owner like a dog!! FUNNY!


Albert Pujols became the 26th player in Major League history to hit 500 home runs last night 
An Idaho business has come up with a way to make money by giving people a place to get out their frustrations or just have fun by breaking stuff. 
Powdered alcohol wasn't approved by the feds after all. 
An eagle-eyed user of Apple’s satellite map app has spotted the Loch Ness monster. 
A new baseball cap could be a game-changer for sports fans who already have hordes of hats from their various teams. 
The study by CareerCast rates jobs on environment, outlook and stress as well as income.
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