BATTLE ROYALE weeknights at 9PM

Monday – Thursday night at 9pm 2 songs go HEAD to HEAD and then I ask for your FEEDBACK & VOTES in multiple places: Facebook, IG, phone calls & texts…it’s real easy!  Think of these battles as you are helping me curate the future of Rock radio!

Tonight’s Battle Royale:

7/19 Green Day  VS Korn

Korn “Black is the Soul” 

Green Day “Revolution Radio”

Previous battles:

4/10 Alter Bridge VS A Day To Remember – ADTR wins

4/11 Seether VS A Day To Remember – Seether wins

4/12 Mastodon VS Seether – Mastodon wins

4/13 Nickelback VS Mastodon – Mastodon wins

4/17 At The Drive In VS Mastodon – Mastodon wins

4/18 Beartooth VS Mastodon – TIE


4/20 Mastodon VS BeartoothBeartooth wins

4/24 Motionless in White VS Beartooth – Beartooth wins

4/25 Twelve Foot Ninja VS Beartooth – Twelve Foot Ninja wins

4/26 Royal Blood VS Twelve Foot Ninja – Royal Blood wins

4/27 Missio VS Royal Blood – Royal Blood wins

5/1 Highly Suspect VS Royal Blood – Highly Suspect wins

5/2 Falling in Reverse VS Highly Suspect – Highly Susupect wins

5/3 Starset VS Higly Suspect – Highly Suspect wins

5/8 Green Day VS Highly Suspect – Highly Suspect wins

5/9 Sum 41 VS Highly Suspect – Highly Suspect wins

5/10 Memphis May Fire VS Rise Against – Rise Against wins

5/11 Beartooth VS Rise Against – Beartooth wins

5/15 Stitched Up Heart VS Beartooth – Beartooth wins

5/16 Machine Head VS Beartooth – TIE

5/17 Beartooth VS Machine Head REMATCH – Beartooth wins

5/22 As Lions VS Beartooth – Beartooth wins

5/23 Stone Sour VS Beartooth – Beartooth wins

5/24 Chevelle VS Papa Roach – Chevelle wins

5/25 HellYeah VS Chevelle – Chevelle wins

5/30 Pretty Reckless VS Chevelle – Chevelle wins

5/31 Rancid VS Chevelle – Chevelle wins

6/1 Foo Fighters VS Chevelle – Chevelle wins

6/5HellYeah VS Stitched Up Heart – HellYeah wins

6/6 Sum 41 VS HellYeah – HellYeah wins

6/7 Rise Against VS HellYeah – Rise Against wins

6/8 Sylar VS Rise Against – Rise Against wins

6/12 Righteous Vendetta VS Rise Against – Rise Against wins

6/13 Of Mice & Men VS Rise Against – Rise Against wins

6/14 In Flames VS Rise Against – Rise Against wins

6/15 Korn VS Papa Roach – Korn wins

6/19 QOTSA VS Korn – Korn wins

6/20 Stone Sour VS Korn – Korn wins

6/21 Foo Fighters VS Korn – Foo Fighters win

6/22 Metallica VS Foo Fighters – Metallica wins

6/26 Shaman’s Harvest VS Nothing More – Nothing More wins

6/27 Death From Above 1979 VS Nothing More

6/28 HellYeah VS Nothing More – Nothing More wins

6/29 Royal Blood VS Nothing More – Nothing More wins

7/5 In This Moment VS Nothing More – In This Moment wins

7/6 In Flames VS In This Moment – In This Moment wins

7/10 Mastodon VS In This Moment – Mastodon wins

7/11 Motograter VS Mastodon – Mastodon wins

7/12 Prophets of Rage VS Mastodon – Mastodon wins

7/13 Nine Inch Nails VS Mastodon

7/17 Korn VS Nine Inch Nails – Korn wins

7/18 Kid Rock VS Korn – Korn wins


***5 IN A ROW WINNERS CLUB (resting)

Adelitas Way

Lamb of God


Highly Suspect



Rise Against

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