Billie vs. Kotter WTR Bet

Billie and Kotter have made a bet about which bands will be announced to appear at Welcome to Rockville.  Now the official announcement happens Monday, November 6th at noon so each of them of picked 20 bands.  Whoever gets the most right wins.  The loser has to wear a shirt of the winner’s choosing while interviewing bands backstage at Welcome to Rockville.

Billie’s List:

  1. Papa Roach
  2. Clutch
  3. Mastodon
  4. Queens of the Stone Age
  5. Nothing More
  6. Seether
  7. Primus
  8. Highly Suspect
  9. Royal Blood
  10. A Perfect Circle
  11. Theory of a Deadman
  12. Marilyn Manson
  13. Stone Sour
  14. Greta Van Fleet
  15. Pop Evil
  16. Thirty Seconds to Mars
  17. Rise Against
  18. Black Stone Cherry
  19. All That Remains
  20. Biffy Clyro

Kotter’s List

  1. Papa Roach
  2. Avenged Sevenfold
  3. Nothing More
  4. Theory of a Deadman
  5. Royal Blood
  6. Seether
  7. Korn
  8. Fozzy
  9. Five Finger Death Punch
  10. Greta Van Fleet
  11. Pop Evil
  12. Shinedown
  13. Adelitas Way
  14. 10 Years
  15. Marilyn Manson
  16. Stone Sour
  17. HellYeah
  18. Asking Alexandria
  19. Falling In Reverse
  20. Social Distortion


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