Marilyn Manson Hospitalized After Stage Prop Mishap

Marilyn Manson was struck by a stage prop last night while performing in New York.

Manson, 48, was performing “Sweet Dreams” while trying to climb a piece of scaffolding between two large gun props when the entire piece fell over him.  In the video footage here you can see that he tries to reach briefly to push the scaffolding away.  Seconds later members of the stage crew rush in to pull the scaffolding off of Manson while he seems to jerk around.

Witnesses have reported to several news outlets that Manson was covered with a black sheet for at least 15 minutes before being taken from the stage in a stretcher and sent to the hospital.

Manson was only three dates into his Heaven Upside Down tour.   No word on his injuries or if he will continue his tour.


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