Music News: Godsmacked dissed for "Witchcraft"

A group of 35 to 40 residents of Jackson, Michigan attempted unsuccessfully to have a show featuring Godsmack and Pop Evil at the Jackson County Fair on August 5th canceled, according to MLive.com. But fair organizers have said that the show will go on, despite the group of residents, many affiliated with a local church, attending a July 23rd board meeting for the event and asking that the rock acts be removed. Jackson resident Billie Buda, who showed up at the meeting, said she will be taking her grandchildren to the fair but won't visit on the 5th, explaining, "I don't want them to be at the fair when this concert is going on and they are not going to the concert, I know that . . . Their (fair board) mission statement says it is a family oriented venue. This goes against their own mission statement. There are a lot of bands that are good and some that are into witchcraft and the devil." Ironically, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna is a follower of Wicca, a nature-based religion that has been associated with paganism and witchcraft.


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Location : JacksonMichigan
People : Billie BudaSully Erna
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