Ugly Ink - Gallery 12

The craziest of crazy fan tattoos

Bald, crazy Britney Spears


Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit

The Golden Girls... as Mt. Rushmore faces

Hulk Hogan

Mr. T as "Mr. Tea"

82 portraits of Julia Roberts

Justin Beiber characture... on a man

Just Bieber portrait... on a way too proud looking man

Two versions of Michael Jackson

Man obsessed with Miley Cyrus

OJ Simpson's Mug Shot

Oprah Winfrey

Steve-O on Steve-O

Taylor Swift's autograph... on a man

Tim Tebow as a football and cross holding centaur

Tony Danza

Patrick Swayze as a rainbow backdropped centaur

Daniel "Tosh.0" Tosh

An older woman with a Twilight tattoo

...And there's more!

....even more!!!

TV Chef/Travler Andrew Zimmern
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