HANGOVERS: Better with age

A new study finds that hangovers actually get better with age. To find this, Danish researchers surveyed over 50-thousand people of various ages online and found that the older respondents were, the fewer hangover symptoms they reported suffering. For example, 21-percent of women aged 18 to 29 reported suffereing nausea as a hangover symptom, compared to just three-percent of women age 60 and older. Additionally, the survey revealed 62-percent of men aged 18 to 29 reported exhaustion as a hangover symptom while just 14-percent of men age 60 or older say the same. Researchers say this phenomeon may happens for a few reasons, one is that as you get older you build up an "alcohol tolerance," another is that when older adults "binge drink" it's usually about three drinks less than a younger adult, and the third reason is that older drinkers are more likely to take precautions when drinking, due to their experience.

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