WTF: Bridegroom Bomber

An embarrassed groom triggered a bomb scare at his wedding – so his bride-to-be would not find out he had forgotten to book the venue. When the groom had realized, on the morning of the wedding, that he had failed to complete the necessary paperwork to secure the event space, his bright idea was to pretend an explosive had been left in the building. He even let his fiance turn up in her wedding dress, only to find the historic hall evacuated and swarming with police. Panicking, he went to a phone booth near his home and made the call. The hall was immediately put on lockdown and dozens of people inside were evacuated as police and a bomb disposal unit were sent to the scene. When the hall was re-opened around an hour later, with the groom present, it emerged there was no booking in the name of bride and groom. Enquiries led to the groom being arrested and subsequently charged later that day with making a bomb hoax. It is understood the husband-to-be made full and frank admissions to police, admitting he sparked the hoax in a bid to postpone the wedding and buy himself more time. the groom claimed to have made a number of unanswered phone calls from his mobile phone to St George’s Hall after the initial bomb scare to try and confess to the hoax. Though he is facing charges, sources were told that the prospective bride and groom have not married but are still together. More HERE


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