Woman eats only at Starbucks for 365 days

No matter how often you go to Starbucks, chances are this woman has you beat. Beautiful Existence (yes, that is her legal name) ate breakfast, lunch and dinner from Starbucks every single day of 2013. Beautiful Existence, 40, spent $500 to $600 a month on her meals and blogged about what it was like to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from the coffee chain for all of 2013. The Seattle mother of two's unusual and pricey diet was part of a 365-day challenge she started at the beginning of the year. Her self-established rule was that she could eat anything sold at Starbucks or from a "Starbucks-inspired" store or brand such as Roy Street Coffee, Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh. Although she had more to choose from than just coffee and pastries, Existence told the Daily News that her palate still got bored towards the end. More HERE

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Location : Seattle
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