Savannah Skatepark Wish List and Fundraisers

FENCE REPAIR & SITE CLEAN UP PRE CONSTRUCTION IS SATURDAY MAY 27th AT 10AM and we will need VOLUNTEERS so if you can make it please show up and help clean up the site of Savannah Skatepark before Team Pain Skateparks shows up to build!


***UPDATE 5/11

From Ben Maher

Team Pain Skateparks is actively pursuing more funding and donated materials.  Tim Payne reached to the Chamber of Commerce and has acquired a master list of large business owners in Savannah.  He is contacting each and everyone of them!  So keep your fingers crossed

We recently received a $500 donation from National Distributing!  We have a couple of other fundraisers in development as well.  I’ll keep everyone posted as information comes along.

Team Pain is looking to begin construction in the second week of June (about a month away).  We need to repair some/most of the silt fencing around the skatepark.  I’d like to schedule that along with a clean-up/meeting on Saturday May 27th.  I know that is Memorial Day weekend so please attend if you can


Check out a few Savannah Skatepark fundraisers:

Fundraiser updates (April 2017):

– $700 from tittybats / Savannah Skatepark enamel pin sales

– Still waiting on a check from Location Gallery (should be a little over $1000)

– received two checks over the weekend

– $500 from M.R. Jones

– $5000 from Stephen and Jennifer Standing



***UPDATE 4/18

From Ben Maher

Tim and Linda Payne came up to Savannah last week for our pre-construction meeting with the city.  We are good to go with our permits, and Team Pain is scheduling us for the second week of June.  They are anticipating 5-6 weeks to construct the skatepark at the current design

We also need to repair some of the silt fence at the skatepark site.  I would like to spend a day in May (preferably a Saturday) doing a clean-up/silt fence repair/skatepark meeting.  I will work on scheduling that in the next week or so


***UPDATE 4/5****

From Ben Maher

I’ve scheduled the pre-construction meeting for next Thursday (4/13) at 10:30 am.  Tim Payne (Team Pain Skateparks)  will be coming up for the meeting.  I’d like to show him around Savannah and introduce him to some of you if time allows.  

Once the pre-construction meeting has taken place, we will need to do a site clean-up prior to Team Pain’s arrival.  We will have to remove vegetation/trash and repair the silt fence.  I’ll schedule that for a Saturday, and we can have a skatepark meeting as well while we have people there.

That is the news for now.  There are a couple of other fundraisers in the works, and I’ll get that information out as things develop.  


Back on March 11th Brighter Day Natural Foods held a fundraiser benefitting Savannah Skatepark and our COMMUNITY came through onece again rasing $890 for the cause!  Brighter Day donated 5% of sales from 9a-7p…. VERY COOL!  We have a great community!


***UPDATE 3/27****

From Ben Maher

I’m in the process of setting up a pre-construction meeting with Team Pain Skateparks, City of Savannah, Chatham County, Thomas and Hutton, and us.  I’m shooting for either 4/11 or 4/13.  

Kathryn and I are going to meet with Steve Proper (Chatham County) on Thursday (3/30) to update him on progress and discuss what happens after the skatepark is built.  

On that note, I spoke with Tim Payne last week and he is scheduling us for June.  I was hoping it would be a little sooner, but they have another opportunity at Woodward that lined up scheduling-wise.  After the Location Gallery event, we should start really pushing material and equipment donations.  If anyone has a lead on anyone that wants to donate materials, equipment, or services in line with our wish-list, then please direct them to Mrs. Jacyln Asencio at 


***UPDATE 2/27****

From Ben Maher 

We are good to go on our permits.  John (Thomas and Hutton) has to submit the final plans, and then we need to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the city, county, Team Pain, Thomas and Hutton, and us.  I am in the process of reaching out to the deputy city marshall to reintroduce our group and set up that meeting.  We can begin work after the pre-construction meeting takes place.  We will need to have a volunteer work day to remove vegetation from the site and repair the silt fence.  I will work out some of those details this week.  

Team Pain has shrunk the design to fit within a $100K budget.  The design that is in red is the design that has been submitted for our permits.  The design in black is a reduce, more affordable version.  Now, the good thing is that we are permitted for the whole design.  So if were to raise a significant amount of money or have a large donor come through, then we could build a larger park.  In Apex, NC, Team Pain was several weeks out from completing their park, and a donor came in with $100K to add more to the park.  So you never know!

Check it out here —-> SK8 100K Option


Everything you need to know about Savannah Skatepark, Team Pain Skateparks, fundraisers, donations & more can be found here:  Savannah Skatepark

Savannah Skatepark design


***** Team Pain Skateparks will be here in June 2017 to build this park! Lets raise the rest of these funds to build the first free public skatepark in Savannah *****

As we all know $$$ is always needed so below is the Savannah Skatepark Wish List.  If you know anyone who may be able to HELP please reach out and show them this list!


Savanna Skatepark Wish List

85 yards                                               Flat Mix Concrete: 4,000 PSI ¾ inch rock – fly ash

65 yards                                               Shotcrete: 4,000 PSI pea rock – fly ash

Please add a 30-yard buffer for additional concrete

1000 pcs                                               20’ pcs of #3 Rebar grade 60

7 pcs                                                      2” ID  schedule #40 Hot Dipped Galvanized Pipe 21’ lengths unthreaded

2 pcs                                                      Roll bent for the round pipe

9 pcs                                                      20’ Galvanized square Tube 2”x2”

6 pcs                                                      20’ ¼ inch thick Galvanized Angle Iron 3” x 3”

7                                                              5 Gal pails of Sealer: Evercrete DPS

HEAVY EQUIPMENT:                      

2500 LBS. TRACK SKID STEER                                                        8 weeks

185 cfm compressor for shotcrete                            4 weeks

Dumpster for concrete waste materials                               For entire job

2 – 30’ Storage containers for tools                                           For entire job

Concrete pumping and boom pumping                      

2” line Pump                                      8 visits at 15 to 20 yards per visit

Boom Pump                                       2 visits 40 yards each

fuel for machinery                                       $2,000 – gas cards for all onsite machinery

Gas cards                                                             $4,000                   8 –  $500 gas cards for crew travel

Portable Rest room                                         2 months

Also possible funds (gas and hotel rooms and expense’s)  for Team Pain crew and sales staff to come up 1 or 2 times to help with special fund raisers and design presentations for publicity

Housing for a crew of 8 workers for an estimated 5 to 6 weeks weather permitting – Team Pain must approve, something like 2 rental houses or extended stays with refrigerators

6’ Construction Safety fence and erosion control with 2 double gates?

Testing                                   3 to 4 Concrete tests

Soil compaction tests         We want to verify the compaction (Soil density)

Wood materials estimated at $4000 from lumber store – Material list below is for example and not exact:

LUMBER:                               35 SHEETS 3/4” PLYWOOD



125    2X2X8

100    2X4X10

80      1X6X10


20 Rust-oleum 2X painters touch paint and prime in one Black Hi – Gloss Spray paint

100 lbs 2 ½” Drywall screws

100 lbs 3” Drywall Screws

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