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11/14/17 – An update from Savannah Skatepark 

Some grass is starting to come in at the park but we still have some work to do! Sunday at 10:00 am we’ll need some volunteers to help re-pin some of the erosion mat back down. It’s really important to get this grass to establish, or the park will look like the picture below sooner than later! I’ve left a hose w/ a spray nozzle at the skatepark for watering purposes and will look into some sprinklers this week as well. So If anyone feels like watering this week, then please do so. We were lucky last week with the rain, but the forecast looks dry for the next few days. A lot of this work was donated and most likely will not be donated again. So we have to make it work! Help us out Savannah!



The Grand Opening was Saturday September 30th at 10am


9/3/17 UPDATE from Ben Maher:

We will have an official GRAND OPENING September 30th!

I met with Matt Hutton from Hutton’s Landscapes and Lorenzo Bryant from Chatham County Parks and Recreation last week.  Mr. Bryant is going to get us 15-20 loads of dirt for the final erosion control.  He may be able to get us more at the county rate if needed.  Matt Hutton stated that 30 loads would be the most that would be needed.  So the county is finally chipping in!

Matt Hutton will begin the final grading in the next couple of weeks prior to seeding.  We will have to remove the existing silt fence prior to his work starting.  I’ll schedule a volunteer day as soon as I know the order of events.  He is going to donate 100% of his labor and the hydroseed.  We will have to pay for any additional material (erosion control blankets, etc..), but he assured me that it would be well within our budget.

We recently received a very generous donation from Paul Miller and his family of $1500.  Thank you Paul!!!

Tito Porrata from Team Pain Skateparks was in town yesterday to look at the park.  We met for a couple of hours to catch up and discuss some minor repairs.  They are going to send someone up to do the repairs prior to the grand opening.  Tito assured me that the repairs were minimal and can be addressed with no issues.


Team Pain Skateparks


***UPDATE 6/5

Team Pain Skateparks is here in Savannah and has begun construction on the Savannah Skatepark!!

A temporary construction fence has to be installed at the site of the Savannah Skatepark at Lake Mayer Park and volunteers are needed Saturday June 10th at 10am.  The more volunteers the quicker it’s done!  Event details here

A few more fundraisers are in the works so stay tuned for more info and THANK YOU all for your support!!



THANK YOU to everyone who volunteered to help with the Savannah Skatepark site clean-up at Lake Mayer over Memorial Day weekend!  It’s almost time for construction!!


***UPDATE 5/29

From Ben Maher / Savannah Skatepark

Anyone out there in Facebook word have any contacts for a fencing company? We’ve gotten some rather high bids for temporary construction fencing. So if anyone has a contact for fencing then please forward that along to us via


***UPDATE 5/11

From Ben Maher

Team Pain Skateparks is actively pursuing more funding and donated materials.  Tim Payne reached to the Chamber of Commerce and has acquired a master list of large business owners in Savannah.  He is contacting each and everyone of them!  So keep your fingers crossed

We recently received a $500 donation from National Distributing!  We have a couple of other fundraisers in development as well.  I’ll keep everyone posted as information comes along.

Team Pain is looking to begin construction in the second week of June (about a month away).  We need to repair some/most of the silt fencing around the skatepark.  I’d like to schedule that along with a clean-up/meeting on Saturday May 27th.  I know that is Memorial Day weekend so please attend if you can


Check out a few Savannah Skatepark fundraisers:

Fundraiser updates (April 2017):

– $700 from tittybats / Savannah Skatepark enamel pin sales

– Still waiting on a check from Location Gallery (should be a little over $1000)

– received two checks over the weekend

– $500 from M.R. Jones

– $5000 from Stephen and Jennifer Standing



***UPDATE 4/18

From Ben Maher

Tim and Linda Payne came up to Savannah last week for our pre-construction meeting with the city.  We are good to go with our permits, and Team Pain is scheduling us for the second week of June.  They are anticipating 5-6 weeks to construct the skatepark at the current design

We also need to repair some of the silt fence at the skatepark site.  I would like to spend a day in May (preferably a Saturday) doing a clean-up/silt fence repair/skatepark meeting.  I will work on scheduling that in the next week or so


***UPDATE 4/5****

From Ben Maher

I’ve scheduled the pre-construction meeting for next Thursday (4/13) at 10:30 am.  Tim Payne (Team Pain Skateparks)  will be coming up for the meeting.  I’d like to show him around Savannah and introduce him to some of you if time allows.  

Once the pre-construction meeting has taken place, we will need to do a site clean-up prior to Team Pain’s arrival.  We will have to remove vegetation/trash and repair the silt fence.  I’ll schedule that for a Saturday, and we can have a skatepark meeting as well while we have people there.

That is the news for now.  There are a couple of other fundraisers in the works, and I’ll get that information out as things develop.  


Back on March 11th Brighter Day Natural Foods held a fundraiser benefitting Savannah Skatepark and our COMMUNITY came through onece again rasing $890 for the cause!  Brighter Day donated 5% of sales from 9a-7p…. VERY COOL!  We have a great community!


***UPDATE 3/27****

From Ben Maher

I’m in the process of setting up a pre-construction meeting with Team Pain Skateparks, City of Savannah, Chatham County, Thomas and Hutton, and us.  I’m shooting for either 4/11 or 4/13.  

Kathryn and I are going to meet with Steve Proper (Chatham County) on Thursday (3/30) to update him on progress and discuss what happens after the skatepark is built.  

On that note, I spoke with Tim Payne last week and he is scheduling us for June.  I was hoping it would be a little sooner, but they have another opportunity at Woodward that lined up scheduling-wise.  After the Location Gallery event, we should start really pushing material and equipment donations.  If anyone has a lead on anyone that wants to donate materials, equipment, or services in line with our wish-list, then please direct them to Mrs. Jacyln Asencio at 


***UPDATE 2/27****

From Ben Maher 

We are good to go on our permits.  John (Thomas and Hutton) has to submit the final plans, and then we need to schedule a pre-construction meeting with the city, county, Team Pain, Thomas and Hutton, and us.  I am in the process of reaching out to the deputy city marshall to reintroduce our group and set up that meeting.  We can begin work after the pre-construction meeting takes place.  We will need to have a volunteer work day to remove vegetation from the site and repair the silt fence.  I will work out some of those details this week.  

Team Pain has shrunk the design to fit within a $100K budget.  The design that is in red is the design that has been submitted for our permits.  The design in black is a reduce, more affordable version.  Now, the good thing is that we are permitted for the whole design.  So if were to raise a significant amount of money or have a large donor come through, then we could build a larger park.  In Apex, NC, Team Pain was several weeks out from completing their park, and a donor came in with $100K to add more to the park.  So you never know!

Everything you need to know about Savannah Skatepark, Team Pain Skateparks, fundraisers, donations & more can be found here:  Savannah Skatepark

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