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Conceived in a bar parking lot after a company Christmas party brawl, Billie is your host for The Bad Ass Rock Show.  Billie had a lot of plans in life as a young lady; she was going to go to Yale and study law to become the first female president.  Then she discovered weed and Led Zeppelin and life took a dramatic, but yet much rewarding turn.  She loves all types of rock but holds a fondness deep in her cold black heart for heavy and black metal music.

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Does Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger Love The Potty Putter?

Tell me this dude in this infomercial doesn’t look like Chad Kroeger!

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Billie vs. Kotter WTR Bet

Billie and Kotter have made a bet about which bands will be announced to appear […]

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Thongs + Vaseline = Oklahoma

This dude knows how to party right. 54 year old John Wayne Kellerman was pulled […]

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Georgia and The Carolinas Are Winners…at STD Rates.

According for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), STD rates are on the rise.  If […]

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Stephen King + Mike Patton = 1922

Mike Patton of Faith No More has scored music for  Stephen King’s Netflix movie 1922.

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Craigslist: Helping People Buy Boobs

Oh, yeah, Craigslist!  You never let me down.   This thing isn’t even gonna buy a […]

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Mastodon Release “Sultan’s Curse” Imperial Stout

Mastodon has teamed up with San Diego- based brewery Mikkeller Brewing to release an Imperial […]

The Bad Ass Rock Show
Hey, Man, Have You Ever Gotten A Degree…ON WEED?!?

The science labs at this college will have 100% attendance… Northern Michigan University is offering […]