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Kotter and Marshall talk music, beer, movies and all kinds of sh*t.

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Torture Tuesday is back!




Work Release Program
WTI: Star Wars “The Last Jedi” Trailers

Four trailers to hold you over until December 15th!

Work Release Program
WTI: Deadpool 2 Teaser

Because everyone wants to be Bob Ross!

Work Release Program
Justice League Early Reviews

Early reviews of “Justice League” are looking good for DC.

Work Release Program
WTI: Jimmy Kimmel’s The Terrific Ten

As a child Jimmy Kimmel wrote his own comic book called the Terrific Ten.  As […]

Work Release Program
Josh Todd talks to the WRP

Josh Todd from Buckcherry and Josh Todd & the Conflict called into the Work Release Program.

Work Release Program
Torture Tuesday: One Chip Challenge

Marshall took the One Chip Challenge for Torture Tuesday.

Work Release Program
WTI: Beer Mile World Record

It took Kotter & Marshall 33 minutes longer than the current World Record.