Thongs + Vaseline = Oklahoma

This dude knows how to party right.

54 year old John Wayne Kellerman was pulled over for speeding in Oklahoma last week.  According to the Garfield County Sheriff’s office when the deputy stepped up to Kellerman’s vehicle he saw that he was wearing only a thong and had Vaseline smeared “across his hands and upper and lower body parts.” The deputy also found some dirty magazines in the passenger seat.

When Kellerman handed over his driver’s license the deputy realized it was covered in Vaseline, as well.  After looking at the license it was found that Kellerman’s license had expired in 1985!

The greasy guy was arraigned on the charges.  Online court records show he appeared free on $1,000 bond.  He’ll return to court in the middle of November.

This guy sounds like a candidate for the future Mr. Billie Marshall.

(picture credit:  Garfield County Sheriff’s office in Oklahoma)



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